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This update includes a fix for a crash that occurs after undo/redo actions in Liquify. Do not forget that files imported from Procreate Pocket 4.0.8 and later will not be opened on older versions of Procreate and Procreate Pocket. Files created in older versions of Procreate and Procreate Pocket will be updated automatically.
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Requires iOS 15.4.1 or later.

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Powerful for creative professionals. Simple enough for everyone. The award-winning Procreate Pocket is the most versatile and multi-featured art app designed for the iPhone.

Offering hundreds of hand-crafted brushes, an innovative art toolkit, an advanced layering system, and the new Valkyrie graphics engine – Procreate Pocket has everything you need to create expressive drawings, rich palettes, beautiful illustrations, and beautiful animation. You can work on the couch, on the train, at the beach, or while waiting in line at a coffee shop. An integrated art studio in your hands. Procreate Pocket includes:

• Notable features:

– Ultra HD Artboards – up to 16k by 4k

– Simple dark style interface designed for iPhone

– Unparalleled QuickShape feature for perfect shapes

– Smooth and fast blur sampling

Powered by Valkyrie, iPhone’s fastest 64-bit graphics engine

– You can connect it to a keyboard to use shortcuts

Create artwork in stunning 64-bit color

– 250 levels of undo and redo

– Continuous autosave – so you never lose your work again

Advanced brushes:

– Supplied with hundreds of well-crafted brushes

– Brush sets keep your paintbrushes organized

– Over 100 customizable options for each brush

– Brush Studio – Design your own custom brushes

– Import and export of custom Procreate brushes

– Import and run Adobe® Photoshop® brushes faster than Photoshop®

Fully featured layering system:

Use layers in your artwork to precisely control detail and texture

Create layer and clipping masks for adjustments that don’t ruin images

– Maintain organization by merging layers into groups

Transform objects simultaneously across multiple layers

– Access over 25 layer blending modes for professional-level blending

Color without compromise:

– Quickly fill your lines of work with color using ColorDrop

– Dial, Classic, Harmony, Value and Palette color palettes

– Import color files for color matching

– Set color dynamics for any brush

The design tools you need:

– Add vector linear text to your illustrations

Easily import all your favorite fonts

– Crop and resize your art to get the perfect composition

– Perspective, isometric, 2D and harmonic visual clues

– A drawing assistant that improves your touches in real time

– A workflow that refines your strokes for beautiful lettering and professional inking

• Animation assistant

– Easy shot-by-shot animation with automatic onion peel pattern

– Create storyboards, GIFs, slideshows, and simple animations

– Export your animations in full resolution

Dramatic final effects:

Gradient Map – Remap the colors of your photo with a customizable gradient

– Glitch, Chromatic Aberration, Glare and Halftone filters to add new dimensions to your work

– Gaussian Blur and Motion Blur filter for depth and motion, or Clarity filter for perfect sharpness

The advanced noise filter gives you more control to achieve a classic vintage look

– Adjust hue, saturation or brightness at the same moment

– Powerful image adjustments, including color balance, curves, hue, saturation, and brightness (HSB)

– The superpowers of Li, Harmonic and Liquify Dynamics bring your artwork to life

• Timelapse playback

– Relive your creative journey with Procreate’s amazing time-lapse playback feature

– Export the time-lapse recording in 4K for high-quality video production

– Share a 30-second copy of the time-lapse recording on your social media accounts

– Import an image as a special hidden layer that will not appear in time-lapse videos

List of accompanying references:

– Always keep a complete art canvas or reference photo with you, or draw on your face using augmented reality.

– Choose the color directly from the reference window.

• Share your creations:

– Import or export your artwork as Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files

Import Adobe® ASE and ACO color palettes

– Import image files such as JPG, PNG and TIFF

– Export to AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Weibo and Mail

– Export your artwork as a layered original .procreate file, PSD, TIFF, transparent PNG, multi-page PDF, web-ready JPEG, animated GIF, PNG, MP4

– Drag and drop artwork, brushes, color palettes, and fonts between apps


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