Shadow Fight 2 v MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited All, Max Level)


An extremely fiery action war is taking place in Shadow Fight 2, waiting for you to visit and explore. This place is full of bosses to occupy your territory, taking your life. Faced with the danger of life and threat to honor, you are forced to mobilize forces as well as sharpen the most advanced weapon system. They are the right hand for you to win this one-on-one battle.
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Shadow, a powerful warrior, disobeyed his family’s customs and opened the Gates of Shadows. He realized his mistake, but it was too late. The Demons inside the Gates are freed, and Shadow fades away. If he wants to close the Gates of Shadows and keep the darkness at bay, Shadow must defeat all demons and get their Demon Seals. Shadow meets many allies that help him achieve his aim, as well as opponents who challenge him to a fight.

Shadow gets lured into something considerably more horrific after closing the Gates as his friend May is taken in. Shadow reopens the Gates of Shadows, revealing them to be a portal to another dimension. And now Titan is preparing to attack Shadow’s world with his super-strong cyborg alien army. Only Shadow can stop him.


Shadow Fight 2 attracts players because of its content, attractive and meaningful plot, and thanks to the animated image system. Thanks to the application of completely new animation technology, the game recreate the most realistic atmosphere on the battlefield. You feel like you are diving into the best scenes of a famous action movie. It is this that holds the player’s feet to the end.


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